Saturday, May 27, 2006

Winners, Losers and Disclaimers

American Idol Wednesday nights has become a weekly ritual for me. Right after I finish teaching my ladies English class I dash over to Steve and Tiffany’s place. We found a station that is only a week behind what is actually going on, the neat thing is we get to watch the performance and see the results all at once. All season I’ve been successful at avoiding the real result so that the show is a surprise when I finially get to see it. Sadly my perfect "in the dark" recorded is marred. I saw who won the final off someone’s blog today. Grr –people should put disclaimers on their posts if it mentions idol out comes. Something like:

*notice this spoils the finals for anyone who is a week behind*

Okay I realize this is unrealistic request. Truth is its not even important. But this is my place to share…even the petty. I just wish I was still be in the dark on who won.


matthew said...

***notice, this comment contains a spoiler***

Bruce Willis was dead the whole time

Xaven said...

Spoiling inside:

He says it...

Julie said...

Sorry if it was my blog. I didn't know you were a week behind. If I would have known I would have put a discplaimer for you something to the effect of Liz don't read this until next week!

Miss Ya!