Monday, May 22, 2006

Ode to Big Brothers

Family is a joy. Love mine. And its great having a little sister especially after being an only child for nineteen years. But this is a thank you to three guys who were the closest I ever came to having big brothers.

The start grade nine my dad was away on duty for six months. So few of the boys in the youth group decided to take me under their wing and “adopted” me. Darren, Chris, and Morgan, they were my brothers. I looked up to them. Darren taught me play rugby and coached me during tack season. Chris helped me study. Morgan was brotherly. They really did watch out for me. Gave me advice and tried to protect me. I remember one time they sat down my boyfriend and had “the talk”. I never learned what was said but the poor guy was scared of all three of them afterwards. After I graduated only remand in contact with Morgan, till he moved to Alaska. Made me happy to find that brother has a blog.

Yeah for my brothers.


Jo said...

sounds nice! know where I can find a brother or two too? i could really use a non-biological brother right about now.

random question: how long are you in Osaka elizabeth?

elizabeth said...

I miss your blog. That is not peer pressure to return to bloggerdom.

I have about two months left

Jo said...

oh, i hope i wasn't too late...2 months might be cutting it close.

i do WANT to be blogging, i'm just afraid of what words would roll off the tips of my fingers to be read by all. once i get over my second quarter-life crisis, i assure you, i'll be back with a vengence. :)

MacP said...

I can't believe you still remember all that. You have always been family and always will be family. I 'm glad that I have been able to be there for you. Know that you can always count on me.