Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Tree, The Moon, And Me

Trees are tall
Trees are green
I am not tall
I am not green
I am not a tree

The moon is smaller then the sun
The moon has a dark side
I am smaller then the sun
I have a dark side
I am the moon


Garwik said...

I love this kind of logic!
Liz is Canadian.
Liz is in Japan.
I am Canadian.
Therefor I am in Japan.

And I've never even visited you.
I'm such a terrible cousin!

elizabeth said...

Yes, terrible cousin.
Jump on the next bullet train and come see me -now! Now I say!

Xaven said...

I am all but not green... does that make me a discolored tree? Trees cannot fangoriously devour a quesadilla though... but I can... that makes me a discolored mexican tree...

Here's one for you:

Silly people laugh at silly things, like upside down computer speakers.
Silly people shake their orange juice with checking to see if there is a lid.
Liz laughs at silly things like upside down computer speakers.
Liz shakes her orange juice without checking to see if the lid is on.
Liz is a silly person...

and I am probably going to die as a result of this comment.

elizabeth said...


i throw a fish at you!