Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I love action, things happening, progression, and achievement (and seasons of stillness too). This week has been full of stuff coming together. These are the things that I am both excited and thankful for:

1) The youth group helping at the food bank stock and clean up
2) The youth group hanging out and helping at the drop in center
3) A summer intern (not BBC internship intern) and a high school co-op student started this week. So much good things got gone.
4) One of our youth leaders did something stupid. He then went over and above to set things right and it was awesome to watch.
5) Things are coming together for the mission trip. The cost still has me worried but what is happening is good.
6) I’m connecting with people, making friends, and growing in community.
7) I talked to my best friend and my dad this week. I am thankful for telephones.

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