Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I've been caught in a time space void in which time seems to speed up and not enough gets done but at the end the start seems like it was a week or month ago. How does time both shrink and stretch at the same time? In the midst of my Star Trek time issues these were things I am thankful about.

-God is bigger than my need (and the pressing need for mission team funds)
-Even though everything is crazy -it's a good crazy
-In two days the golf tournament will be over
-Becca the Amazing who is organized and better than a second pair of hands
-Lindsay the Warrior who defeated the Crazy Room of Chaos and Calamity
-The current children's ministry theme (Knights of the Rectangle) because it's fun and I got to dress up
-Oswald Chambers who inspires and challenges me. Today's words from Oswald that stood out:
"Personal contact with Jesus alters everything."

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