Saturday, June 06, 2009

And Now It Is Time To Put On Your 3D Glasses

I tagged along with Sherri and her boys to watch Pixar’s Up. The night was a mix of joys, disappointment, and disgust. I’ll start with the joys.

I love going to see movies with Sherri. She’s just so much fun. I love that they actually had 3D glasses at our little theater. I loved watching the previews in 3D. I loved the cute Pixar short at the beginning. I loved the start, middle, and end of Up. It was unique and adventurous, thoughtful, and simple. It made me sad and happy. And I laughed a lot. For a movie experience Pixar delivered. Go see this movie!

The movie made up for my disappointment which happened when I tried to buy peanut butter M&Ms, which had replaced the Reese’s Pieces, my traditional candy choice. Only they were “sold out but should hopefully have them in stock my next visit.” I was crushed but could live. I decided to go with the smaller box of smarties, which lead to my disgust.

Did you know that Smarties are now made with “no artificial colours”? I didn’t. When I saw the box I thought it would be a good thing –more healthy, right? They might be better for me but the taste changed and I don’t like it. I believe my first word was “eww gross.” I didn’t finish the box. Yuck. I am actually going to call the 1-800 number on the box. They were not what Smarties are suppose to be.


Aunt Penny said...

I went with Bill to see "UP" in 3D. Doug was my favourite character."Squirrel!" I laughed a lot when Russell was complaining, my knee hurts, I'm tired, my elbow hurts... as they were walking the house to the falls.I like how they did some of the back story through pictures in the album, no words.I had Twizzlers to eat.
Take care
Aunt Penny

Elizabeth said...

I loved all the same parts...and I wish I had Twizzlers to eat.