Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Three things I realized or found this week:

1) Being the driver makes all the difference. As a child I never understood my dad’s love affaire with long scenic car rides. They were long, boring, and made my tummy queasy. Then Sunday night I took a drive, one of those long boring scenic drives. For those that know Nova Scotia I went out to Hall’s Harbour, back to the Look Off, over Cape Split to see the sunset, that through Canning into Kentville and back to Wolfville. Now I totally understand what my dad enjoyed about all those Sunday afternoon drives…I think I would still dislike them if I was in the backseat.

2) Fun Games Café website has a list up of new arrivals. Wasabi caught my eye. I would really like to play it once. This is the sites description (that I am guessing they took off the back of the box).
You are an apprentice to a great sushi master, and you have spent the last ten years honing your skills in preparation for this day— your final test before earning the title of expert chef: Itamae-San. Sushi is about culinary expertise, and you must always strive to master your skills while serving an array of vivid colors, mouthwatering tastes, and creative combinations. The test will be difficult. You must compete against the other hopefuls, all working in the same confined area to produce recipes of varying complexity. Only one of you will earn the respect of your teacher, and the revered title of Itamae-San!

3) At Zellers today I found a copy of my Big Fat Greek Wedding for $3 –never been watched.

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