Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Unconventional Support Letter

Hello friends, family, and random blog readers

I hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying the beginning of the summer. Life in Nova Scotia is great. Things at New Hope Wesleyan Church are growing and keeping me on the go. I am excited about new opportunities happening in both the youth and children’s ministries.

One of the new youth opportunities is a week mission trip to Toronto with YouthWorks from August 2nd to the 7th. There are eight youth, two adults, and myself participating. We will be working with a number of local ministries, run children’s summer programs, visiting senior citizens, helping guests who are mentally and physically at a rehabilitation center, soup kitchens, and food banks. I am excited to share my passion for serving, missions, and social justice with the students.

This is our group’s first mission trip and my first time leading a trip. We want God to be the center and focus of what we are doing. Would you consider supporting our group in prayer? The thing you could pray for are:
  • Our team building and preparation
  • Eight students going: Jevano, Seth, Brian, Alicia, Lindsay, Sasha, Mollie, Rebeka
  • The leaders (Michael, Becca, and me) to have wisdom and patience
  • Our travel and safety in Toronto
  • The people we’ll meet, serve, befriend, and work with in Toronto
I especially ask that you pray for the financial aspects of this trip. I am not asking for money, my portion of the cost has been paid. I am asking for prayer for the group. We have been working hard with a number of fundraisers and have four more coming up. But deadlines are coming up too and there is still $4277.62 to be raised. I know God can and will provide for the group but at times the numbers overwhelm me. Please pray that everyone’s needs will be met, that our next fundraisers will go well, and courage for me to boldly ask people to sponsor the youth.

Thank you for you prayers,

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Jecca said...

i'm praying for you. please keep us updated. the trip sounds exciting!