Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wildwood is Here

We just finished the second day of our Wildwood Kid’s Program, the non-VBS VBS (I’m not a fan of the term VBS for a couple of reasons that I won’t rant about now). The children’s program is going so well, better than well. All the flaws from last year’s program have been taken care of. It is well organized and the volunteers are superb.

We’ve even tried some new things too. We’re holding the program is in the evenings. It’s only two hours. The worship team is made up of children, they are so excited to be apart and help.

My Sr. Pastor commented yesterday, “wow this is fantastic but where all the kids?” Yesterday we had six students and today there were seven. The numbers are down, last year there were 20 kids and the year before it was 40. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Or do these programs just not fit modern families’ schedules?

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Robin said...

I would guess it's b/c you switched to doing it at night. I have no data to back that up, but parents like having a place to take their kids in the day during the summer.