Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wesleyan membership

Two more are being added to the ranks of the Wesleyan church. Tomorrow my parents are becoming members of New Hope Wesleyan Church. As part of the whole membership process the pastor asked them to read Connecting To Christ: Belonging (printed by Wesleyan Publishing House.) There was one section under leisure that stood out to my mom and raised questions:

“It will also involve witnessing against social evils but appropriate forms of influence the refusal to participate in social dancing, the refusal to patronize the motion picture theatre (cinema), together with other commercial ventures as they feature the cheap, the violent or the sensual and pornographic…” p.128-129

Are good Wesleyan’s expected to stay away from movies? If that is true, it would seem like the ‘powers that be’ are regulating holiness…Also puts a lot of pressure to live up to an outside standard. Not sure what the authors or churches intended. Anyone willing to make a comment or make this seem not so legalistic?


Ryan said...

I'd say to check the date that book was published. There was a time when dancing and movies were actually forbidden by the Wesleyan dicipline. Movies were allowed a while ago, and dancing was finally oked your first year of bethany.

matthew said...

what's wrong with being legalistic!?!?

oh wait...nevermind

Robin said...

Ah, Liz... you're new around here, aren't you? Do you know I wasn't allowed to go to movies when I was a kid? But I think Ryan is right. They may still be mentioned in the newer editions, but I don't think they're "membership committments". There are commitments and then there are strong suggestions.

Robin said...
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Sarah Gomez said...

I was never allowed to go to the movies either. I think my first movie at a theater was in high school.