Monday, August 22, 2005

Let The Voting Begin

I have six new fish, who all managed to last the first night. And the peasants rejoiced! It seems important to give them each a name so that if one does suddenly die the poor fish could have a proper burial.

The following are the names that were nominated:
1. Yoshi
2. Baka
3. Bookshelf
4. Phishee-Swah
5. Felix (as in the cat)
6. Kingyo
7. Godzilla
8. Steve
9. Fluffy
10. Star
11. Jaws
12. Gill
13. 'My Little Pony'
14. Ally
15. Bob
16. Sushi

How the voting will work is that person can post the two names they are most in favour of. After the votes and my personal opinion are considered the new names will be announced. Oh, two of the fish are white and are the type that look like they want to kiss. The remaining four are those tiny ones that have blue stripes that look like they are glowing.


William said...

Let's hope they live long enough for the contest to end. My votes are for:

My Little Pony

matthew said...


Robin said...

Do you find it ironic that you get the most comments when you blog about nonsense like fish names, but hardly anyone comments when you say something meaningful. I do.

And I like "Sushi"... or "Sashimi", which is actually what most people are talking about when they say "sushi".

Anna said...

I like "Godzilla" and "Fluffy." Brilliant fish names.

Garwik said...

Jeff says:
Bookshelf and My Little Pony.

Steph said...

my vote is for Baka and Fluffy....the two have absolutely nothing in common matter what you name them, at least you'll have a good story to go along with it

Anonymous said...

hey liz, i e-mailed you (i think). is your address still if not, then i don't think i have your current one...

Garwik said...

Not much voting going on.
I shall vote again.

I say...
Bookshelf and My Little Pony.

Jolly good, and all that.

elizabeth said...
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Courtney said...

Liz! I found your blog! I'm going to vote too. Umm...Godzilla and Sushi

Sarah Gomez said...

I vote Yoshi and Sushi :)
Sounds like brothers

Xaven said...

If this fish is dead, then I'm all for naming it Sushi... aside from you have to do flush it with flavored rice and wasabi...