Thursday, April 06, 2006

Seven of Nine

All these sevens keep my mind coming back to Seven of Nine. Just another reminder that I am a geek. I am a Star Trek fan (fan not sure if I have a favourite series. I was really getting into Enterprise. It saddened me when it ended). It was worst in high school, whenever something happened I would be thinking, "this is like that one time on Next Generation…" I like sci-fi.

Geek -yes but I am okay with that. Oh, and one of my all time favourite movies is The Last Star Fighter. Classic.


William said...

THE LAST STARFIGHTER, one of the BEST movies out there. When you get back from Japan Liz you Jeff and I will have to watch it.


Garwik said...

You like The Last Star Fighter, Bill?
I didn't know that.

elizabeth said...

Bill, the site looks good. How is the band going? I am so up for the movie...and maybe a Star Trek movie. Seems every time we're together we end up watching one. Oh, and do I remember right, do you have the cartoon gargoyles?

Jeff, that's why I'm here. so you can learn new things about your brother.

Anonymous said...

ah, ST: good. best series in the franchise, in my opinion. in fact, I'm watching it as I type this... Spike TV started from the first episode last month and has been going through the first season. so incredibly cheesy.

Elliott Innes said...

My confession: I to was a geek in the United Federation of Planets. So much so that I had a uniform (custom made, not one of those you could buy from, spent $50 on an authentic badge with magnetic backing, owned approx 55 novels on ST: TNG as well as various other books such as the complete blueprints of the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D, and the complete English-Klingon dictionary, not to mention hat I was an Ensign in a Star Trek fanclub that met every Tuesday night in a high school class room to roleplay Star Trek (I think I was the only one under 32).

Now please, if you would, hail Elliott, King of the Geeks!