Saturday, August 05, 2006

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well my bags are packed (at last!) and I’m 98% ready to go.
I still detest packing. I shiver at the thought of packing. It was a good show of how much stuff I accumulated in a year, lots and lots of stuff. I crammed as much as was humanly possible in my luggage and the rest will be shipped home.

Not everything can return home. Somethings are just extra stuff I don't need, somethings are too big, and somethings are worn out. The latter is true for a pair of my favourite sandals of all times. To the garbage they go. It is a sad time. I take this moment to share with you my journey with my shoes. I got them a few years back at a BBC dorm sale (I think they might have been Jo’s) for three dollars. They did great at the camp thing, joined me Africa, and where my standard footwear for the past year. Especially with the having to take shoes off in and out of buildings. I know they are only shoes and this is silly: but I like them, I will miss them. So please take a moment for my departed sandales.


Robin said...


matthew said...

well done good and faithful servants

Steph said...

are you home yet? i miss you

Maki said...

I know this sandales.
You always wore this one.

Maybe, Liz is home yet.