Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy NaNo Eve!

Twas the night before NaNo, and all through my place
The writers were waiting to start the word race.
Some had plotted and outlined a story with great care,
While others were hoping when writing a story would be there.

The writers were waiting with no time for beds,
While visions novels danced in their heads.
Trying to working through a potential plot gap,
And I was thinking it was almost time for a nap.

But what was I thinking with November minutes away,
An event like this deserves a soiree.
There will be rejoicing and songs on piano,
Wishing you all a very merry NaNo!

Happy NaNo Eve! 

Novel: The Muse's Mix-Up
Word Count: 0/50,000

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this little ditty.
And thank you for the chance to begin at the very beginning of NaNo 2012.
When I awoke this morning, I was 621 words ahead of where I would have been without you.
A positive start to this year!

Jane (a.k.a. Janey in Wolfville)