Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Survivor 27: Blood VS. Water

Survivor is back!

And so returns the Bowl of Stew(art) blog prediction and reviews. I haven't done this for a few seasons but this one looks like its going to be great season full of twists, turns, and blindsides! The big stick this season is one tribe is made up of returning players (like All-Star, Heroes vs. Villains, and Redemption). The newbie tribe is made of up of relative or loved one of the returning players.

Last week's premiere was so much fun. It began with the ten pairs (returning player and loved one) being dropped off alone and having to spend the night on the beach. It was neat seeing how different groups coped with the challenge.

The next surprise happened when they were all gathered with host Jeff Probst. They were divided into Galang (returning players) and Tadhana (loved ones). The pairs didn't realize they wouldn't be on the same tribes but the real twist was that both groups would immediately vote out a member out of their tribe. Tadhana voted out Laura (Rupert's wife). Galang voted out Candice (Cook Islands & Heroes vs. Villains). I would have voted for Colton. Then Jeff gave the safe loved ones a chance to switch places with the recently voted out. Rupert was AWESOME! Before Jeff could explain consequences he stepped up and switched spots. "Laura deserves to play. Blood is thicker than anything. Laura and I are blood.” We then learned that Rupert wasn't out of the game. Redemption Island is back in play. Candace and her husband John decided to keep things the way they were. She was confident she would win her way back into the game.

 We then were treated to camp life. Galang wasted no time making fire and establishing camp. I felt for Laura, now on with the alumina and feeling the need to prove she shouldn't be voted out first. The loved ones on Tadhana seemed more to struggle more. At the challenge it didn't show. They had the physical advantage and were in the lead till the puzzle. The veteran puzzle solvers won immunity for Galang. At tribal council Marissa was blinded sided. She was voted out because of her Uncle Gervase (Borneo) poor behavior doing a victory dance at the challenge.

Current Standings:
Galang: Gervase is in trouble because of his weak performance in challenges and Colton's personality might be enough to send him to Redemption Island.

Tadhana : If the guys stay together they have the numbers to keep voting out girls. I hope Brad goes, I find him annoying.

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