Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 145

FOR TODAY: November 1, 2014
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Outside my window...rain.

I am thinking about...blogging, schedules, and potential card projects.

I am thankful for...prescription medication -it is helpful.

In the kitchen...picked up squash at the market today which I plan to roast tomorrow.

I am wearing...flip flops (holding off winter as long as possible with this simple act of defiance), jeans, a Ravenclaw tee, Ravenclaw knit scarf (because I know I am loosing the war against winter), and a Ravenclaw headband. -I do realize there is a certain geek theme to my look.

I am creating...a novel about elves.

I am have an excellent week!

I am wondering...what elves fear most and what a civi war might look like.

I am reading...not much of anything lately. Which got me thinking this morning about a plan to change my reading habits. There are a few books I've been trying to read for awhile but they require a certain amount of thought between. So my idea is to have four"office books" and four "home books." My idea is to assign a day for each book so that I plan to read a portion/chapter.  My office books right now are Home Run, Critical Conversations, Forgotten God, and Replenish. My home books are Incontinent on the Continent, Game of Thrones, Bridge to Heaven, and My One Word. We'll see how it goes.

I am be a very productive writer this weekend and get a head on my word count, it will be very helpful later in the month when other things take over my life like Christmas play practices.

I am looking forward to...making cards and Christmas projects next Saturday.

I am show myself grace.

I am hearing...someone working in the other room.

Around the is clean and decorated because of last nights NaNo Eve party. I got two loads of laundry done this morning. I think to maintain this I need to have people over to my house some time this week.

One of my favorite things...NaNoWriMo -at least the first day when the story ideas are still fresh and exciting.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...I have a few things to do at the church today and a fundraising event for a friends mission trip tonight. Tomorrow the clocks change, I will be at church in the morning, and a drop in write-in in the afternoon. Monday I hope to do errands in the morning, a dentist appointment in the early afternoon, and a NaNo-Write-In in the evening. Tuesday and I have to myself so there should be much writing happening. Thursday is youth group. Friday is a girls night. Saturday I have card making planned but have yet to invite people so it might just be me. And that is my "quiet" week plans.

I think of my plans in fortnight chunks. The first week is quiet. My only scheduled commitment is youth group. The next week is "busy" because there is also Life Group, Garbage Day, and GEMS scheduled.

NaNoWriMo Novel Word Count:...1,181

A Picture To Share:...I stopped in at a games day in New Minas. Erin and I played to round of Forbbiden Desert (an awesome cooperative game). The first game we lost after I died of dehydration. Our second game had much better results -VICTORY WAS OURS!


Anonymous said...

That cry ("VICTORY WAS OURS")does not sound awesomely cooperative.

That's just ab idle observation; it is not meant to be offensive.


P.S. I am pleased over my NaNo word count too.

Anonymous said...

Serves me right for not hitting Preview first, right?

Elizabeth said...

If a shared victory is celebrated how is that not cooperative? "Victory is ours" is a share cry by the team that just beat the game. It is definitely more cooperative than a "victory is mine!" yelled at players you just beat.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) My original intent for leaving a comment was to say thank you for the NaNo Eve party. I really like that card game we played - despite being just about willing to say "I'll just watch" before being handed some cards.
So --- thank you for NaNo Eve. It was a great way to start this month of November.

2) Your blog makes me feel so peaceful that I don't know why I do not read it more often.
Thank you for it.

3) Do you read:
It's not as peaceful as your blog is, but it is very calming.

Anonymous said...

My eyes did not see any mistakes in the above message, so my fingers hit Send - BEFORE I had signed my name.

Guess I need some more calming influence (lol)