Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The 720 Easter Egg Hunt Part 1: How It Works

Easter is just 26 days away! I'm getting excited. I'm in the midst of preparing for our children's ministries annual massive Easter Egg Hunt. I was so proud of how the hunt has grown and improved over the past three years that I thought others might be interested in what we did, how we did it, and what we've learned.

This will be our second year hiding 720 eggs. All the pictures are from last year's Easter Egg Hunt. The one to your right was taken minutes before my many helpful "Easter Bunnies" hide all 720 eggs.

Three years ago, my Lead Pastor and I agreed that we wanted host a BIG egg hunt. I knew I wanted it to be fun and have purpose. After much googling, I found an article on Ministry-To-Children, Church Easter Egg Hunt Idea and Printable Gospel Booklet. Everything I've done has been build on their idea and booklet. I loved the work they did, and kept many of the same candy symblos. The first year we only had 6 eggs. Last year we had 12, so there has been adaptations but it was Jen Rhine of Crossings Community Church that got my creativity started. I even used the same free font PC Easter Egg font.

How The Hunt Works:
To make the hunt fair, each child is given a carton with the instructions on it. They have to fill the carton with one of each of the different coloured eggs. The first year we prepared 50 sets of 6 eggs. Last year we prepared 60 sets of 12 eggs.

The instructions are (you will not believe how look it took me to write this):

Look high and low and all around, there are 12 eggs that must be found.
You need all 12 so keep in mind each egg is a different that you’ll need to find;
 6 eggs are coloured bold and bright and 6 are pastel and very light.
The eggs are numbered as an added help, but if you’re in trouble just give a yelp.

When your carton is full and all 12 eggs are found,
return for a gift at the starting ground!

This was the "starting ground"
When a child had found all 12 eggs they were given "The Story of Jesus: told with Easter Eggs." Each egg holds a different item, and the items is connected with a part of the life of Jesus mentioned in the book with an activity and Bible verse.

Come back tomorrow and Thursday for parts two and three. 

Part 2: Making It Meaningful is all about what was in the eggs and the activity book.
Part 3: Decorating the Space is about how we created way to hide 720 in a small open space.

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