Monday, September 14, 2015

The Simple Woman Daybook 167 -The Sister Edition

FOR TODAY: September 14, 2015 -The Sister Edition
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This is my last night visiting my family, so Sister and I decided to bond over blogging:

I am thinking... that my ipod changer hates me.
...that I don't want to leave tomorrow.

I am thankful... everyone who loves me. family.

I am wearing... a "be yourself" shirt from Roberson Weslyan University with jeans
...a "who was your doctor" Doctor Who shirt and jeans

I am creating... a story many costumes

I am reading...Paper Towns
...The Long Earth

I am learning... Italian, Japanese, and Koren to adjust patterns to work as a base for something different

I am watching... Bones
...second season of Arrow

We are listening to... One Direction 

One of my favoite things... music
...Resees' pieces

A few highlights from the visit... the One Direction concert, Chinese food, and family visit time, the concert, playing Fairy Tales (I've wanted to try the game for two years) and cosplay adventures

A few plans for the rest of the week:... dance class, get a new changer, write, and draw.
...driving to NB, hugging Best Friend, driving to home

We want to cosplay (someday) as.... Ruby and Yang from RWBY

Cosplay update.... Hal-Con is 45 days away and we are over halfway through preparing the costumes. The wigs, ears and accessories arrived. We bought fabric. And now there is so much sewing to do.
We played this week... Fairy tales, Pandemic, and Elfenland

A few pictures to share...from the concert

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