Sunday, October 09, 2016

Sister + Friend Movie Review: Storks

Two reviews in two days! Yesterday I finally posted our review of Suicide Squad.

And Friday we saw Storks.

It is ridiculous and awesome.

I didn't expect I'd want to see the movie few months ago, just looking at the poster. At best it would a "renter" (not that we really rent movies these days.) However the more we saw the previews the more we wanted to see it. For the last month Sister and her friends have been quoting the wolves just based on the previews.

We are glad we went. It was such a fun love. It has been awhile since I have laughed so hard. It was a great film and as a group we saw "go see it."

Warning: there are a few spoilers in the review, but nothing that will harm your enjoyment of Storks.

Darby: Creative idea and the wolves were the best.
Zack: It was the right mix of comedy.
Sister: It was quiet entertaining.
Me: We were laughing hysterically through out the movie; it helped being the only group in the theater. It was just plain fun. Just when I began to think, "this is ridiculous" one of the characters would acknoldge the feeling with some type of "how is this possible." I think my favourite example was when the wolves formed a "wolf bridge." It made the next wolf transformations hilarious and allowed the story to be very creative.

Less Than Good:
Darby: there were not enough wolves
Zack: the stork-human family bond felt awkward
Sister: I just liked it...all of it.
Me: Most of our favourite lines/scenes we knew going in because they were in the previews.

Favourite Character:
Darby: Wolves
Zack: Orphan Tulip
Sister: Wolves
Me: the kid, Nate Gardener

Best Scene:
Darby: The wolves falling in love with the baby, "tastes like flowers"
Zack: The baby controlling the robot "Babies are smart -babies are dumb"
Sister: The wolves falling in love with the baby, "Are you in love cause I'm in love" "I'm love" "I agree, I agree, I agree"
Me: The stork facing off against his nemesis "glass"

Darby: 5 bad-ass mini birds out of 5
Zack: 4 wolves out of 5
Sister: 5 blue haired babies out of 5
Me: 4.5 plates of glass out of 5

Finial Thoughts:
I love it and highly recommend Storks. It reminded me of Jimmy Neutron. It has a similar off the wall humor, child-like imagination, and unexpected twists. But the movie isn't for everyone. It was a hit with our group and it I could see young children also enjoying it. If animation annoys you I would skip Storks.

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