Sunday, February 13, 2005


Starting something and keeping on going are two very different things; each with their unique challenges. One needs the motivation to "just do it" (thank you nike) the other requires the persistence of endurance. I have a dream of running a 10 km race before I turn 25 (only a year and two months away) so yesterday I begin training. Starting was fairly easy...finishing will be another story. I know there will be dark, cold days when the last thing I want to do is run a few miles. This dream, any dream for that matter, requires endurance.

Endurance requires grace and strength. I hope that I will process both.


matthew said...

I think that is a cool dream. I should do something like that. I don't get a lot of exercise. Just thinking of someone running 10 km makes me sweat. Hey...there's an idea...just record yourself running and send me the tape and I'll sweat off a few pounds.

Billings said...

good luck with that physical activity thing. I hear it's supposed to be good for you!