Thursday, February 24, 2005

Passport Woes

January 2004 I was present my first passport, I was so excited at the thought of filling with exotic stamps. And with my absolute hatred, I would even go as far as to say deep loathing for paper I thought “sweet, I don’t have to go through this process for five years!”

How wrong I was. Sadly a month into my internship my original passport was damaged. Just a note to passport holders: passports do not like to be washed and dried” This began a four month drama full of dashed hopes, tears, and much more paper work then applying for a passport (detest paper work).

I was very thankful to have the replacement passport in my hand. Only, this week I learned that the passport does not have the newest security measures…so to travel I need a new passport. Started the filling out of paper work today, yuck!


matthew said...

I hate paperwork too. Especially government paperwork. They should just let people live their lives. But I'm glad you're putting up with it for this trip.

Ryan said...

I have to go get one before the honeymoon.... I just remembered!