Sunday, March 27, 2005


Life working at a pizza is similar to most fast food places; there are orders to take and make, floors to mop, tables to clear, dishes to wash…and of course customers that try your patience and grace. This week two ladies came in that fit this description. The way they talked to me was rude and snobby, it took everything in my powers to smile and be pleasant.

The next day was a rough; I messed up three order, I was slow, and my boss gave me a look that said “can you do anything right”. In the midst of this crazy day the same two ladies walked up to the cash…and I said nasty things in my head about them. I didn't take their orders but I did put the remains of their meal in a to-go box. As I helped them they thanked me and praised the meal…I was so humbled and felt put in my place. To top it they left me a two dollar tip, a very rare occurrence.


matthew said...

My opinion of people can get cynical sometimes. It's hard to give people the benefit of the doubt when you've been having a bad week.

Robin said...

I feel your pain, Liz. Fast food is a rough place to work. One thing I think it's good to keep in mind when someone is being rude is that you don't know what they're going through in the lives. You only see what comes out in that two minutes. Maybe they're having a really bad day; they're not bad people but you just happen to have been the one they took it out on. It's not right, of course, but it makes it understandable. And how you treat them back could make or break their day. Just a thought.

Steph said...

don't you hate it when people do exactly what you think they're incapable of.

I can understand the frustation, i've had many bad jobs, i think it's always hard when we're expected to serve others, regardless of their attitude....then again, aren't we supposed to do that anyway?