Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Lee-Ann went back to the hospital today to get a feeding tube. She and dad should be at the IWK for about four days while they learn how to care and clean for the tube. I talked to her on the phone tonight she said it hurt at first, and they made her take a yucky pill…but it doesn’t hurt now. She is a trooper.

Overall she is doing really well. For those who might not know she was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2004, a month later she was in remission. Thankful the cancer has remained in remission. She still in treatment and has a year and a half to go still. The phase she is in right now is an intensive…it’s been hard on her little body. She was sick almost twice a day for almost two weeks and she lost .8kg in four days. The chemo has also limited her desire to eat, which is why the feeding. Thank you everyone for your prayers


matthew said...

Thanks for the update Elizabeth. She's way tougher than me, that's for sure. I'll continue to pray for her and your family.

ap said...

yes, thanks for the update. it is a good reminder for to pray.

Steph said...

I'll definatly be praying hun. My cousin had a feeding tube for years, it's a hard thing to see, but it won't be so bad for her. Praise God she is still in remission, it could be that after this episode it will be beaten

Xaven said...

Hey Friend,

I will keep praying for her. Stay strong and be encouraged, this fight is not forever.