Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gone Fishn'

I am heading to Caton’s Island today and will be there till Friday. It’s one of the Blazer camps (ages 10 to 12) and I have the privilege of being the chapel speaker. One this side of camp I feel crazy-nervous. It’s like the nervousness of the first time I ever preached to the power of 10! Last I heard there was over 120 kids expected. I’d appreciate any prayers for the camp and the kids with week…and the speaking, really appreciate prayers for the speaking and speaker, like the grace that I am not boring or a heretic. Thanks.

A Japan update: I sent off my visa application last week. A thought hit me as I sent the documents -even though everything is set and the tickets bought I might not actually make it. The people processing the app could reject it. It was a scary realisation, not sure what I would do if they say "no Japan for you". But if all goes well I’ll be flying out of Halifax August 10th (only 16 sleeps).


Robin said...

Wow, you're speaking at Caton's AND going to Japan. I'm jealous. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll let you in. They let ME in, after all... sheesh, if they'll let me in, they'll let anyone in!

Amy said...

Liz! Ah, Caton's...though I have no desire to go back there ever, I have some fond memories of time spent with YOU there! Hope the speaking goes well--will pray that you are anointed and that God aligns your heart with His!

elizabeth said...

I am still at Caton's right now. Having a blast everything is going wonderfully. Except my silly mess ups with words. I say stupid stuff a lot! But in spite of that God is working.

Yesterday was sweet, i got to go down a zipline, it was amazing. And then jump on the water tramaline.

Thanks for the support Robin.
And Amy congrats on becoming a Mrs.!!! I do miss you. it was good times that summer.

Steph said...

hope you had a great week! miss you!