Monday, July 11, 2005

New Life

Driving home from youth group tonight I was overcome with a thought. The kids (teens, youth, young adults, sr. high –what should I call them?) have saved my faith. For awhile it has seemed that my faith and spiritual walk were stale and stagnant. Basic Christian disciplines were a continual trial. Prayer and bible reading went from challenging, to dry, to sporadic, to non-existent.

It wasn’t that my beliefs hadn’t changed. There was just no life or action to the belief. There was no need. I woke each day, made pizzas, and came home…to do stuff -very mundane life.

Then in enters the teens with their frustrating, soul searching, desiring deep real answer, truth-hunting, questions. Questions that can’t be just fluffed through; each question required me devout time and energy. As I sought out each answer I found myself praying for the upcoming lesson and the praying for other things. And I’ve been pouring over my bible again. Their questions have brought a renewed life and sense of adventure to my spiritual journey. They say that the mind goes if its not used…the same is true for spiritual vitality. So if any of the teens read this –thank you


~Gina~ said...

You're welcome :) hah!
It's cool to think we made things interesting for you again when we were just looking for our own answers in the first place. So, now I'm thanking you for actually taking time to try and answer the questions that come up instead of hoping you know the answer as they're asked like most boring, strict christian adults have done to me in the past.

matthew said...

I think that's one of the greatest lessons I've learned in life so far

Many times (maybe all the time) we have to take a step of faith in order to experience God...but a lot of people wait to experience God before they're willing to take a step of faith.