Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of the Loop

I wouldn’t call myself musical. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, can’t play an instrument. I never really know what’s going on in the music world. Yet music is still a large part of my life. There is always some song running through my head on automatic repeat. Sadly right now it is normally "I’m a little teapot" or some other pre-school song. I catch myself writing little tunes. Nothing fancy mined you, they are a preschool level. The latest song is "up the stairs we go we go, up the stairs we go" never going to be a top ten. But my students like it.

All that to say I like music. But I really feel out of the music loop, I have no idea who’s new, what’s popular or good, especially what in relationship to worship. I feel a need to branch out and learn new music-band-song-type-stuff but not sure where to start. Anyone got suggestions?


Xaven said...

My best suggestion is poll your friends on what;s caught their ear and have them send you some samples - making you judgment call from there.

My favorite new discovery:
"Celebrate Mistakes" by Number One Gun

I'll hook you up with a taste.

(I'm going to steal someone else's humor for a second, but I couldn't resist)

Password of the day: luqypd - the act of equiping your party in an RPG with weapons, armor, accesories, etc. that will lucratively benefit the said party. i.e. a sword that gives you money.

Anna said...

I'm a huge fan of Great Big Sea, but my tastes vary widely. I also love Bon Jovi, Carbon Leaf, Ani DiFranco, The Morning After... trying to think... a lot of my favourite albums/artists are older, like from the 60s or 70s.

Nata said...

I don't know anything about anything. But I DO know that you learned how to clap.