Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Will Never…

When I was a child my parents had phrases that annoyed me. I thought they were so silly or stupid. And as they would say these things I would think "when I grow up I will never…!" It was a lie. I have turned into my parents. When I am with children I find the same "annoying" words slipping from my mouth.

Today one of my preschool students wouldn’t eat and just like my dad I said, "Eat up, it helps you grow big and strong…" and I stopped myself before adding "…and it puts hair on your chest." but I thought it. (In Dad’s world everything good for you puts hair on your chest.)

Is anyone else turning into their parents?


Jo said...

hmmm. i think one should ask, are my parents good people to emulate? in your parents case, liz, i don't presume it to be a problem! "growing up to be big and strong" sounds a lot like a motivational speaker....and really, is that so bad??;)

Combs said...

Isn't it freaky the first time that happens? So disconcerting.

Garwik said...

Hrmm... Mom and Dad always corrected our grammer so I've taken up that habbit. It's fun to do at work; somebody will say: "Me and my friend had pizza last nig-"
And I'll say: "My friend and I."
And then they look at me funny.

Whats the word verification today?
Cterskvb is a Russian word meaning 'Doing something your parents did but you totally hated and not realizing it until you're like half-way through doing it.'

matthew said...

no. i'm also turning into your parents

Robin said...

I can definitely see some of my dad's sense of humour in me... and it's frightening.

sideshowchad said...

what is it with parents obsession with wanting their children to have hairy chests. My dad used to say that all the time too.

Amy said...

yes, yes, yes.

my mom and I OFTEN say the exact same thing, at the same time, with precisely the same inflection and tone.

it's frightening :)