Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Very Merry June Unbirthday

Just a monthy update on Challenge 25

Was undecided on a passage. (#8)
Finished The Simiarilion. (#11)
My preschool class planted beans as part of our farm unit and back in Canada my family replanted my garden. (#12)
Still behind on the sketches. (#14)
Went mini bowling with Maki, Tiff, and Steve. (#20)
Had an interesting talk with a Buddhist friend. (#23)

A very merry unbirthday to you all.


MacP said...

Very merry unbirthday to you too, except for the fact that my birthday was just a couple weeks ago. Hey when do you head back?

Nata said...

Elizabeth, dear, Amie Cowan is looking for your email address, and I don't have it! If you have one of mine, please send yours to me so I can pass it on to her!

You. Rock. In my group.