Monday, September 25, 2006

A Missing Moment

received two emails from good Japanese friends this morning. I've been back in Canada a month and a half, seems too long since I last ate gyoza and yakisoba with my friends. My one friend mentioned he finds himself looking for me at our Sunday Bible Study. I miss them and they miss me. Who knows maybe God will take me back. This is a picture Maki sent me in her email:

Maki the beautiful - I miss you my friend.


Maki said...

It's me!!
I want to eat gyoza and yakisoba with you again.
I really miss you.
When you came back in Canada, I cried a lot...
I believe we will spend great time again!!

elizabeth said...

It is you!!
And I can't wait to see you again, I believe we will be together again. And we will eat together, maybe even gyoza and yakisoba. Or maybe something Canadian.

Jo said...

Liz your friend Maki is beautiful.

Also, I do SO enjoy chatting with you. :) Yay for online friends!