Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moments of Stupidity Brought to You by Liz

This frivols tale of woe began with a desire to save time….on my way home from work I stopped in at the local farmers market to dro off two rentals before 6. It was the simple task of placing the DVDs on the counter, so I parked leaving the car running, made a mental note "don’t lock the doors cause that would really suck", ran into the store, placed the DVDs on the counter. All this took place in a matter of moments, oh I was saving time. Ran back to the car, pulled and the handle and low and behold it was locked. Never underestimate the power of a well-formed habit, while I was thinking don’t lock the car I locked it cause that’s the first thing I do every time I open my car door.

AHHH! Keys are locked in the car and its still running. Oh! the spare keys….are in the house and the house is locked and the house keys are now locked in the car. I can call some one for help. But my phone and address book are locked in the car.

I decided walk home hoping another tenant could help. It is only about a 10-minute walk, not bad. My neighbor is home and lets me use her phone but neither of us could remember the supers number. That was hit in miss for awhile till we remembered the agency and were able to get her cell number. She wasn’t there. Left a message. Tried a local garage there was no answer. Angie got back to me but didn’t have her apartment keys on her but she did help by finding me a good towing coming. Almost an hour later I was back in my car and on the road. Oh the cost of saving time:

Movie Rentals: 4.99
Tow Truck Fees: 34.00
An Adventure in Frustration: Priceless


matthew said...

i've never understood the 'keep the car running' mentality. How long does it take to turn a key?

That being said, the other day i was transporting my mother and little sister home and when we arrived i just got out and went inside, totally forgetting to turn the car off at all

Steph said...

Ben and I locked ourselves out of our house the other day...we were going to the store and neither of us had keys, so we couldn't get in the house or go anywhere. And it was raining. And our landlord was teaching for two hours.

Thankfully friends came and picked us up.

Aunt Penny said...

Last summer I stopped at the side of the road to buy strawberries somewhere between Cambridge and Hamilton. I left the van running as it was just a table and a kid at the side of the road. Getting out of the van I must have hit the lock with my knee. The van was running , radio playing and the a.c. pumping away. I had to wait for the kid's brother to show up to relieve him and walk with the kid back to his house, down a country road and call Uncle Jim and get him to drive to me with his spare key. An hour or so later I was back in the van and on my way home. I had a spare key made and keep it in my purse. That way if I lock the keys in the van I would have one in my purse to get back in. Of course never leave your purse in the van!