Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sleepless Night

Last year the founders of Open Arms’ Ministries, began ‘Inn From the Cold,’ to provide one night emergency shelter in the Valley (if you know NS its Windsor to Middleton) during the coldest months of the year through coordinating local churches. The churches involved agreed to host the shelter one night a week. These churches provide a bed, warm meal or hot coffee depending on the guest mood, safe environment to rest with people willing to chat, and breakfast (or Timmy dollars) with a drive into town all in an effort to communicate love, grace, and mercy.

When I heard about the ministry at a board meeting I was like “cool” but quickly let other things consume my focus. One of the ladies in our church didn’t forget. I can not express what a joy this woman is or her great passion for meeting needs. She caught the vision and held onto it all year. When Open Arms’ began asking churches to participate this year she brought it to the board, who agreed %100. It has been amazing watching her share the need, organizing all the details for finding bedding to food and find willing volunteers. The church staffs the hosts for their night. normally three people.

The program started up November 1st and will run till the end of April 30th. Tonight was my first night as one of the churches’ hosts (with other people). It is going on 6am and I have to say this has been one of my most rewarding nights without sleep.

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