Monday, July 27, 2009

A Last – A First

Tonight was the last preparation meeting for the youth going to Toronto. We started with a team building game that went half well. I started expecting the worst. Next was a devotional on unity and having an attitude like Jesus (based on Philippians 2). Then out of no where I left lead to talk about forgiveness. Each student wrote a list of people who has wronged them…then chose to forgive the person. After we went outside and burned the list.

The next logical move for me was communion, my first time leading communion. Only I hadn’t prepared for communion. This was me following what I believe was God’s leading. I searched the kitchen to see if there that could work for the sacraments, maybe left over juice and crackers from last weeks VBS or even stale pretzels. What I found was a 2L bottle of root beer and a chocolate bar. So that is what I used. My first official leading of these holy sacraments and I used chocolate and root beer. It actually was very deep, and beautiful God was there and it was good. I almost managed to keep it serious too …except for the one time I laughed as I said “bread and wine” while holding chocolate and root beer.

The team leaves this coming Sunday at 7:00am. The group is made up of five girls, three guys, and three adults. Our group is the first YOUTH mission team ever sent by the church. Thank you everyone for your prayers. The last of the money came in tonight. It was a huge answer to prayer.

Michael, the only male adult and van driver, injured his back earlier this month. He has been to a number of different people for help. If he is not better by Wednesday he won’t be going. We need a male chaperon and van driver. Please pray for Michael to be healed and the details to be worked out. Thank you.

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