Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Colette

I am thankful for...Colette Van Meekeren*

Colette is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love dearly her; she is one of the girls and one my favourites! I love her whole family! They good people and very VERY dear to me!

They were one of the first families I connected with when I first moved to the area (aside: last Thursday, September 1, was my five years at the church university). Colette is a good friend, supportive, dedicated, and personable. I love her hugs and creativity and joy and sincerity and organization and compassion. She will jump in and volunteer and go the extra mile to help. She gives these great creative thoughts which are really helpful but she also is wise enough to say no when she is swamped.

I adore any chance to her get to spend time with her. I love tea, and supper invitations, and the games nights, and birthday parties, and walks in the orchard. The best moment was one night a few years ago I was invited for dinner. Colette told the kids they had a guest. One of the boys asked “who” Colette said me, his response was “Pastor Liz isn’t a guest she’s family” I’M FAMILY! The feeling of family is shared. The Van Meekeren's are a second family. I admire her so much, just thinking about her I want to squish her. HUGS and Yay for Colette!

*Edited October 13: I couldn't find a picture for the original post. This is from last year's Trunk or Treat "Slime Time". Colette is helping the kids make slime.

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