Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Plans for Posting and Bathtub Drain Woes

Plans for Posting 
First off, blogging plans for the rest of the week and beyond. I figure if I don't share what I am thinking its all going to stay in my head. That has been the summer pattern. If however I let you know what I want to post it's more likely to happen (positive pressure to do what I say I will) -it has worked in the past.

Tomorrow I'm to start a WIP (Work's In Progress) series sharing creative project I'm working on or have recently completed. It will have things like knitting, card making, costumes, sets and decorations of children's ministry, Pinterest attempts, and writing projects. It's going to start as a weekly post but if it is too repetitive (I'm some times slow with projects) it might become a bi-weekly or monthy feature.

Thursday will be a return of thanksgiving (Thankful Thursdays). One of my personal birthday challenges is to create a list of 1000 things or people I am thankful for. I've got a journal and have found writing three things each day is the best way to achieve this goal. I'll be sharing highlights from these entries on Thursdays.

Friday is going to be a review of my newest board game. I don't think Rate the Fun will be a regular blog feature but I would like share more about board games like reviews, top ten lists, and introduce game reviewers and websites.

Other upcoming posts are going to be on the youth groups thrift shop formals (both this years and last years themes), this years backyard clubs, and the preparation for a large group game I did with the youth group. I want to do episode reviews and predictions again of the next season of Survivor. I know most people are done with Survivor but this years twist (family members) sounds interesting to me. Another series I'm considering adding is "Liz getting healthy". I've order The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution; it should arrive next week. I am hoping to blog my results. It might be boring to most readers but I could use the accountability and encouragement.

Bathtub Drain Woes
After reading about my clogged drain and bathtub plug troubles a couple from my church explained what I needed to do. My bathtub plug is a "push-pull tub stopper"

They gave the right advice but the knob is too tight. So yesterday when I followed their directions nothing happened. My solution was to ask Google for help because Google knows everything (and the internet never lies)! Not only was the knob too tight, I lacked tools to help me solve the problem. What I think I need is a flathead screwdriver and pliers. Once I have acquired the necessary tools I'll make my next attempt. I really need to buy a small tool kit for the house.

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AuroraLee said...

If you haven't got the tools by the time we see each other next, remind me. You can come check out my tool stash. I have all kids of tools I never use! lol