Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Simple Woman Daybook 135

FOR TODAY: October 1, 2013
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Outside my window...it is night so the blinds are closed. I am guessing darkness.

I am thinking...so many thoughts, like, it's been a month since the last time I did a daybook post, life is better when I write daily, possible future blog posts, the show Person of Interest, a new game I played for the first time tonight and Japan.  

I am thankful for...friends I can call/count to help even on short notice.

In the kitchen...is a couch.

I am wearing...my awesome new boots (brown lace up), brown shirt, and a grey Third Day hoodie, I have a more fashionable shirt underneath but I got cold.

I am creating...fingerless gloves. The first one is done, almost done the second one but the second one is longer. I think my tension was looser. I'm not really sure what to do.

I am going...home to sleep as soon as I've posted this.

I am wondering...can we change God's mind with prayer. It was a statement that came up in a book I'm read by Brother Andrew, Prayer Works. I am also pondering a question my favourite atheist asked the other day, "Does God's actions ever have unintended consequences?"

I am reading...Shadow Games, Scott Pilgrim Vol 4, Prayer Works, 100 Days of Prayer, and Deep and Wide.

I am hoping...that I keen my motivational/imagination wave all the way till Christmas. It seems motivation to start new projects hits all at once for everything and that can be overwhelming.

I am looking forward to....all the change that is happening with little steps.

I am learning...to play a new game about growing bamboo and feeding a panda called Takenoko.

I am hearing...Island in the Sun....and not Black Sheep

Around the house...there is a couch in the middle of my kitchen because I was given a TV yesterday. I also realized I've been in the apartment a year this month! It's still a great spot for me. Minus the wasps nest under the siding near the bathroom window. There is always 1-5 wasps in the bathroom. Landlord is taking care of but I sadly I discovered the trouble when one of the evil things flew up my skirt and stung me three times. Oh, and I'm still having trouble with the bathtub drain. That's mostly because I am ingnoring the problem (always a healthy conflict resolution option, right?)

One of my favorite things...board games.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...coffee with a former youth group person tomorrow and Life Group in the evening, youth group Thursday, GEMS Friday, and then Sunday the children's ministry is "visiting" Zimbabwe.

Blogging Plans:...I am not going to do BlogPoMo this year in November; it is just too much with NaNoWriMo. But I like the challenge so I'm going to try to post everyday this month.  Tomorrow will be a new WIP (Works In Progress) and a Survivor prediction. Hoping for a Thankful Thursday post this week. I'm working on a Board Game Top Ten for Friday.

I kinda want to do more Talking With An Atheist posts. Also need to do something about my healthy Body Revelation progress; it has been a month. There are a lot of topics worth sharing and some that might only interest me.

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Anonymous said...

About "your" wasps:
A year or two ago, we had a nest of hornets/wasps outside the house.
We bought a fake nest - a grey cone-type thing of what looks like paper-mache.
(It came from either Canadian Tire or from Home Hardware.)

Because of territoriality, the real ones will not build close to another hive.
And we are now hornet/wasp free.

jakeandjane AT ns DOT sympatico DOT ca
(Change caps to symbols.)