Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Simple Woman Daybook 136

FOR TODAY: October 6, 2013
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Outside my window...the leaves are changing colour.

I am much for blogging  

I am thankful for...books!

In the kitchen...there are dishes to wash but I'm more excited about making soup tonight.

I am wearing...cute shoes!

I am creating...fingerless gloves. Half way done the second glove..

I am going...on an adventure.

I am wondering...about prayer -still. The question on my mind is "do we change God's mind with prayer". I am reading Brother Andrew's Prayer Works. He words things in ways that sound wrong but once he explains sound right

I am reading...Prayer Works, 100 Days of Prayer, and Deep and Wide.

I am create a schedule to better stay with the workout plan.

I am looking forward to...a craft day tomorrow with some friends.

I am play a new game about growing bamboo and feeding a panda called Takenoko.

I am hearing...Bink -the Doctor Who episode.

Around the house...the wasps are getting worse and I want to start organizing the office. The wasps is the bigger issue.

One of my favorite things...the new game I just learned to play a new game about growing bamboo and feeding a panda called Takenoko.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...adventure game this afternoon, crafts with friends tomorrow, youth group Thursday, youth group serving project Saturday, and Sunday the children's ministry is "visiting" Zimbabwe.

Blogging Plans:...I think tomorrow I'll skip blogging since I've already missed the blog everyday. Tuesday I'm going to post about a youth group event. Sacredness will be a new WIP (Works In Progress) and a Survivor prediction. Hoping for a Thankful Thursday post this week. I'm working on a Board Game Top Ten for Friday.

A Picture To Share:...Pastor Scott took this this morning

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