Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Answered Prayer!

I found my lost
earring tonight! This might not seem like much, but for me it is a huge-small victory. Early July I lost a hoop earring from a set given to my by my Aunt when I was in high school. I lost it a week after I had lost a hoop earring from a pair I bought in Disney. I thought they were gone forever.

I know they are just things but the loss made me sad so I've been telling God how I felt and asking him to show me where they could be. It hasn't been an everyday, anxiety driven, fevered prayer. Just a "God, help me find them." Or "God help me to let go and about the things you care about." I even said a quick prayer earlier tonight.

A moment ago, while switching clothes from the washer to the dryer I heard a clanging. I thought it was just change I forgotten. On closer inspection I found the missing earring!

Since my Favourite Atheist reads this blog from time to time, I expect the validity of the "answered prayer" might come into question. And the discussion is probably warranted but in another blog post. It might be time to resurrect the "talking with an atheist" series.

The earring wasn't my only prayer tonight. After a full day that hit almost every emotion on the spectrum I asked God to renew me and give me encouragement. I found an earring and remembered God's grace and love for me in the big things and the small...even as small as an earring.

For me this was an answered prayer I needed.

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Sharon Stocking said...

Our God is good soooo very good all the time. Thanks for sharing Liz