Friday, January 23, 2015

Friends Movie Review: Strange Magic

Tonight my friend AuroraLee and I saw Strange Magic. She graciously agreed to help me do a movie review.  It's not her normal film choice; she's been looking forward to it's release for awhile because it is by LucasFilms. I love animations so I was super excited after watching the trailer.

The story is about two realms that boarded each other but are completely different and how strange love can be. If you haven't heard of the movie here is a trailer:

It is more of a "family" movie; we went to the late show and were the only two in the theater. It was a bit odd but it meant I could dance in my seat without worrying about distracting those around me (Aurora kindly puts up with me).

I was very happy with Strange Magic. It felt me feeling happy and bubbly. It was the perfect way to end a great week. I was surprised with how much singing there was but the music fit and the songs were mostly familiar pop and rock songs which added a neat quirky twist. It was like Glee meets Disney.

Now for the review. Be warned, there may be SPOILERS ahead. Read on at your own risk. You have been warned.

The Good:
Aurora Lee -The Imp was great and so was the songs. The best was animation. It was awesome. The graphics were amazing and looked beautiful. I haven't been amazed by CGI animation like that since I saw Final Fantasy.
Me -I completely agree about the animation. It was gorgeous. I had the same thought about the art quality and being as impressed with the CGI as I was watching Final Fantasy. It was so pretty.
I found the whole story to be enjoyable. There were neat storylines, enjoyable characters, and fun sing-and-dance-along music.

Less Than Good:
Aurora Lee -Mary-Ann and the Bog King fell in love after a very short sword fight.
Me -I also found the sudden romance a bit too quick, it fit the movie time line but still somewhat annoying. I didn't know all the songs, not being able to dance and sing along was a little sad in those moments (Aurora was very thankful we were the only two in the theater because I was dancing in my seat).

Favourite Stuff:
Aurora Lee -It was by Lucas Film
Me -The animation

Final Rating:
Aurora Lee -4 primrose petals out of 5
Me -4.3 love potions out of 5


AuroraLee said...

It was fun being the only ones there. We could talk (but not too much ;) ) and really enjoy the movie like we were watching it at home. :)

Elizabeth said...

It was really fun.

I was thinking about my comparison to Glee meets Disney. Strange Magic was a little edgier than a Disney movie so more like Glee meets Dreamworks (creators of Shrek).