Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Simple Woman Daybook 148

FOR TODAY: January 4, 2015
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Outside my's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Finally, I don't think the weather realizes its more than a week late. There is lots of white stuff falling, I believe it is called snow. It has been so long since I last saw it I can't be quite sure. My one questions. couldn't it have arrived while I was still with sister and could have made a real snowman?

I am thinking many things: goals for 2015, up coming changes to my living arraignments, today's to do list, costumes, my sister and ways for us to hang out more. music, books, the Bible, sermons, friendships, and well life.

I am thankful showers.

In the kitchen...over my holidays I picked up two notepads from Knock Knock, one is a "What To Eat" menu plan and the other is "What I Ate" my plan is to use them this year. I start the "What to eat" planning this afternoon and the "What I ate" tomorrow.

I am of my favourite outfits: my black and white polka dot dress with a yellow shirt underneath and a yellow belt. I've also got tan lace up boots. I was going to change into a pair of black and white pumps but the boots are warmer.

I am creating...knit garland (still). I'm also preparing a set of five cards for a card making "stamp camp" workshop happening tomorrow. If you are interested in making birthday cards with me and are local let me know and I'll save you a spot.

I am reorganize my whole house this week.

I am wondering...about Christians that believe in an older earth creation and/or evolution and how they interrupter Genesis. If you have any insight or sources I could research more about the topic please leave a comment.

I am reading...I finished Mountain of Spices last night. I am not sure what I am going to read next.

I am be more productive than I expect.

I am looking forward to...the Gathering (Wesleyan pastors conference) next week.

I am learning...patience.

I am hearing...the hum of my computer.

Around the much to do to get it ready for people visiting tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...warm hugs. I could be Olaf, only I'm not made of snow.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...This is my busy week. The week when all of my "every other week" events happen. No plans for tonight, hopefully games might happen, Tomorrow is the stamp camp, Tuesday I have an invitation to the movies but I should stay home and move stuff out of the spare room, Wednesday should be Life Group, Thursday is youth group, Friday is GEMS (our girls' club), Saturday I'll working on the changes to living arrangements (full of vagueness but I need to confirm a few things out before I announce the changes).

A Picture (or two) To Share:...airport goodbyes with my family

  I think that is one of the best pictures I have of Mom and me :)


Jecca said...

How did you like Mountain of Spices? I have it but keep forgetting to read it.

Elizabeth said...

I did, I think I liked Hind's Feet on High Places more. I found Mountain of Spice a little disjointed. The pattern was a chapter in the High Places on one of the nine Mountains of Spice, learning about one of the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit. Then a chapter in the Valley seeing how lives were changed as friends and family encountered The Shepherd because "Grace and Glory (formally Much Afraid)" had gone to the High Places.

The Mountain chapters where very poetic. Not bad, and there are great thoughts and insights about the Fruit of the Spirit. I struggle reading poems and songs in prose, and normally just skip them. I loved the in valley chapters and speed through them. If you've read Hind's Feet I would recommend Mountain of Spice.