Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Friend Movie Review: Spectre

Tonight Alice, Aurora, and I went to see the newest Bond movie, Spectre. During the credits I asked my standard questions and took notes on my phone. Sadly, I closed the app thinking their answers were was not the case. So I am going to do my best to recall what they said. I fully admit my memory is horrible.

So two disclaimers: 1. If/when the girls tell me I am completely wrong, I will correct their reviews and record any edits. 2. We talk about moments in the movie. There are SPOILERS ahead. Read on at your own risk.

Alice: so many cheesy or predictable moments that made it very fun. I didn't think I was going to like the new M; but I did. It was nice having a good Bond girl that actually was helpful.
Aurora Lee: I like the movie, there were good explosions, and characters (She actually had more than that...I just can't remember). 
Me: Q made me so happy, I loved so many of his one liners. I loved the super campy predictability. I laughed so much, probably in places I wasn't suppose to laugh. I liked that the widow didn't come back as the mastermind of evil, and I loved upside down helicopters, which I did not think was something that could actually happen but the internet and google says it is possible.

Less Than Good:
Alice: so many helicopter scenes (there was more I can't remember)
Aurora Lee:  it was a decent Bond movie.

Me: I wanted a better death for Moriarty, I mean C (Andrew Scott). Also there were a few places where it seemed I should be remembering details from past Bond movies...I didn't.

Favourite Supporting Character:
Alice: Q
Aurora Lee: M 
Me: Q

Final Rating:
Alice: 4 brain drills out of 5
Aurora Lee: 3 cats of 5
Me: 3.6 helicopter barrel rolls out of 5

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Amai said...

I didn't mind the helicopter scenes, because of the funny. Most of my opinions have been forgotten, but I remember that I wasn't a big fan of the opening, because they made some IMO wierd cinematography choices. As Aurora said, the depth of field was very noticeable.