Monday, October 17, 2005

And the goo comes out

I like goo -when its not my brain transforming into goo.

With this hatred for brain-goo, I am determined to battle my writer's block. It might be a nasty war. With much toil, tears, and sweat (I thank Winston Churchill for the inspiration). But I will fight no matter the cost. The only thing that makes me a little said is that I think it will mean death to my procrastination…and I like procrastinating.

The battle plan is a combination of of everyones suggestions, so thank you friends. First, there will be a set deadline for each week. Right now it will be Monday, before I go to bed. I give Robin White permission to kick my butt if I am late, since it was his suggestion for the deadline. I also am going to try and publish on Thursdays…not as set deadline. We’ll see how that goes. Second, I will just write, and hope that it’s somewhat understandable. Last, a notebook/journal. I do find it easier to write in a book then to type while my eyes glaze over from the computer screen. The challenge with the notebook is that most of my thoughts seem to come to me while I am out running. Makes it hard to write them down. We'll see how it goes

So there is my strategy, let the war begin.


Robin said...

I'm gonna' hold you to that.

Garwik said...

I was going to procrastinate today, but I thought I'd leave it until tomorow.
Wee! Word varification! Today's word is... bknwiq. I don't think thats actually a word.
bknwiq. How would you even pronounce that? Bukinwick? It sounds like something you'd use to make a cake. "Finally, add 3 TBSP of Bukinwick and stir until lumpy and somewhat moave."

elizabeth said...

Jeff...I am never having you on a cooking show. Lumpy and moave doesn't sound tasty.