Thursday, October 27, 2005

Half Birthday

I am exactly 24 and a half today, in six months I will be 25. Life seems to be going faster now. I have six months to reach my goal of running in a 10-km race. That is starting to look more and more like a reality. This week I’ve been running 5-km. Wonder what else will happen between now and April. Everything seems is unknown. Maybe I’ll be fluent in Japanese, that seems highly unlikely. My only hope at this moment is that I will be closer to God. In the next moment my goals might be more selfish and self-seeking. But for now I desire a hunger for God.

In other news....start the countdown on Oct 30th the top secret blog will be unveiled. Yes, just four days till the grand opening.


Combs said...

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you. I wish it was my birthday, so I'd be happy too. Yayay!!

Anna said...

Hmm... not sure what I should say here. Happy Half-Birthday? Happy Un-Birthday? Happy... whatever you wanna call it. *sits and waits patiently for the unveiling of the secret post*

jen said...

You were born April 26th, 1981. And that's why you're 24 (and a half). :)

Amy said...

happy half-birthday! it's so great to hear from you again, Liz--I miss you!

elizabeth said...

Jen that's not funny...its hilarious, and you know i am totally against all forms of sillyness. maybe there should be a ban on laughing on this blog. pha ha ha ha ha. yeah, i'd be the first to break the rule.

Anna, thanks...and just one more sleep and all the waiting will be over. I do hope i don't disappoint

Amy, likewise on the missing!!! i wore my IWU shirt yesterday hee hee hee. crap -there i go breaking the no laughing rule. its no longer a rule!