Monday, July 17, 2006

Memory Verse

I believe in the power of Scripture to change lives, I do. It has almost become a Christian cliché. The words are said it but its more like fluff, just another form of Christianese. We are almost surprised when God acts through the Living Word. I have been reminded of my need to rediscover and memorize Scripture.

At the end of June a friend was sharing her current fears and struggles. We met at a camp when I was on Evidence, she will be starting her senior year in the fall. We made commitment to read 2 Timothy 1:7, twice a day. We also agreed to pray before reading, meditate on the words and memorizing it. This is the out come in her own words (used with permission):

okay...well last night a few of my friends from one of my youth groups stayed the night at someone’s house and I brought up the thing I’m most afraid of...which is demons. I don't want to see one. and so we all got really scared and we talking and then the verse just popped in my head and it was weird like it changed... and we turned on a light but still we felt the spirit of God and it was crazy...and I don't know about the second half of the verse but God did not give us a spirit of fear...but maybe of power to count on him and stuff like that ....and anyways it was almost like we were inviting demons because we were scared and they want that and as soon as we started quoting. it was amazing!

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