Friday, August 15, 2008

Food Friday: The Meal Plan

Back in January I created a list of 52 challenges for the year. One of the goals was to create and use a meal plan system. It hasn’t consistently happened yet. I’ve made menus a few times but any where from two days to a week later I wasn't following it.

I know the menu plans are good. They help bring creativity to meals, save time and money, and stop impulse buys and too many meals out. I know the pros for using meal plans I just can’t seem to do it faithfully.The systems just haven't stuck. I want that to change...and the change starts now.

I'm looking for something that will work. Do you a meal plan method that that works? What is it and why do you think it works for you? Do you plan one, two, three, or four weeks in advance? Do you rotate your plans every few weeks? When you use the menu plan is it just an idea like “Monday = chicken” or is it more detailed with a specific recipe and side dish suggestions? Please share your success or mutual frustration in the comments. This week I am going to do some research, find what the internet food gurus say about the subject, read you suggests and hopefully create something that will work for me.

Next Friday I’ll post the new meal plan solution


Maria Purviance said...

what i usually do is plan for a week ahead. I write down the days of the week, and i list what i want to make. they are specific. then i go shop for the ingredients i don't have. i use to plan for two weeks, but found that usually by the second week, i wasn't wanting some of the stuff i wrote down. so now i do one week ahead. i am like that though, something sounds good for a bit and then doesn't anymore. i also think if i want to make any "goodies" or breads and add that in to my week menu. I usually do leftovers or veggie sandwiches for lunch. Works pretty well for us. hope you find something that works for you!

Jecca said...

I confess I'm terrible at planning ahead...truly awful. But I kind of have to now. What I decided to do was make each day a certain food theme night.

Monday - Pasta
Tuesday - Sandwich
Wednesday - Soup/Salad
Thursday - Thai/Mexican
Friday - Stir-Fry
Saturday & Sunday - new recipes or order out.

Ideally, I would have two recipes already laid out for whatever theme it was and I'd rotate them every week. I haven't stuck to this yet. Usually my meal planning ends up being just one day ahead, maybe two if I'm lucky. It would save me a lot of stress and probably money too if I planned farther ahead, but honestly, I just can't seem to do it. Every Saturday and Sunday are my cooking days. I like to make enough to get me through the first few days of the week and then I cook again mid-week. It's worked so far. I hope it works better for you.