Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday: The Office Invasion

I walked into my office this morning in a daze. My mind was focused on my "to do list" and the day ahead. I was not paying attention to my surrounding or anything in particular. As I sat down at my desk I noticed colourful fluff. As I turned to look this beautiful face greeted me:

Dark Knight...Joker...creepy. I was almost expecting someone grab me from behind. My very thankful it didn't happen. All that was there were more trolls.

The rest of the day I discovered more "guests" in unexpected places through out my office. There was one "mooning me," one on the door so that if you shut it the troll fell on you, and a tiny troll a bag of chips that had been left open on my desk. I just found two more a moment ago.

This was the handy work Mike (a BBC student who has been working with the youth this summer) and Jason’s (recent high school grad). There are more pictures and still more trolls but it seemed silly to try and post them all. I’m not a big practical joke fan…but this was cute. I even enjoyed it. Every time I find a new troll I burst out laughing. Today, I am thankful for laughter, jokes, humor, and the two crazy guys that set this up.


Jecca said...

love it :)

Dena said...

Ewww, the first one would have creeped me out, too. But at least the rest are funny and you found humour in it! Hope you day is wonderful and your weekend even better, Mouse!