Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Writing, Radio, Video

I hate writing. Hates a strong word, I dislike writing. Writing brings up negative past emotions inadequate and failure. Over time, I’ve nurtured a habit of avoiding writing even when I need or want to. Then why am I participating in this insane monthly challenge known as NaNoWriMo? I like to tell stories and I enjoy sharing. Writing have become a great avenue for me communicate stories. I’ve even learned to enjoy it. I might even love it which sounds paradoxical to me. This love/hate relationship has really hurting my word count but I am back on track and NaNoVideo has helped:

I miss wrimoradio. It was my favourite way to procrastinate the previous two nano experiences. They were neat podcasts that included tips, songs, funny quotes, and sound bites from writers around the world. I miss wrimoradio but have accepted the new nanovideo.


Glo said...

That is encouraging. I hadn't seen the video for this week yet.

Elizabeth said...

Glad to share!

Anonymous said...

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