Monday, September 03, 2012

Day at the Adventure Park

This summer was full of neat experiences and new adventures. All of which I wanted to blog about and none of which actually got shared. Part of me thinks too much time has passed but another part (the part that is going to win since I still have 27 days/posts to write) thinks that September is the perfect time to reflect and remember the summer. So here goes....

Late July we took the youth group to the new Adventure Park at Upper Clements. It is made up of five ropes courses at different heights full of obstacles and zip-lines. For the most part the kids had a blast. It was longer than we have expected, 2-4 hours turned into six and half hours. The delay was a combination of the size of our group, the amount of other people on the course, and a woman (not in our group) passing out at 40 feet and everything halting for at least an hour so the instructors and safety people could lower her off one of the courses.

In spite of that it was a great, very hot, very physical day. I enjoyed everything but the red course which made me cry and want to give up. I am not as young or in the same physical shape I once was. The only downside of the day was the parks no cameras policy. The reasoning is your hands needed to be free on the course. The rule applied to food, phones, cameras, even water bottles. So the only picture I got was a post-adventure shot displaying my close encounter with the course. I was unbelievably sore and stiff the next three days. Yet I'd be willing to try it again next summer.

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Sounds like fun