Saturday, September 01, 2012

To Blog?

A few days ago I got a friendly reminder from NaBloPoMo that with September just around the corner I had another chance to participate in the blog everyday challenge. The question is do I sign up this month?

For The Nos
Right now doesn't seem like a great time to sign up for a 30-day challenge. Whenever I take on silly 30-day challenges like this one other areas of my life suffer. I can't really fall apart right now. I'm in the midst of the fall kick off at church while trying to find a new apartment. I don't really have extra time to stress about not making my daily blog quota. AND NaNoWriMo is only 61 days away.

For the Yeses

I like blogging but my average posting goes down in the summer. When I do share something they are the easy, limited thinking required, posts that one friend labelled "oh the boring ones I don't read" posts. Blogging every day would require me to be more creative in my posting and produce interesting content. I've had fun with this challenge in the past, so I could be a stress relief. And by attempting the challenge doesn't mean I have to kill myself to post everyday. If I keep it fun it will help me without having to become something I'm a slave to.

So, I signed up. I think the month theme is strange. Probably won't use any of the suggested prompts and that's okay. We'll see how many posts actually get written and shared. So far 1 of 30...only 29 days to go!

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