Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year -New Things

Happy New Year friends, family, and any readers who still visit.

My new keyboard arrived today! Blogging shall resume. Just after Christmas, Dad helped me pull me into the new age of technology. I got a new phone (nicest phone I've ever owned), a tablet (Surface Pro), and then internet. I'm not sure what the biggest tech leap. My phone now has data. The tablet is good but adjusting to the new system has been a steep learning curve and more then a little frustrating. Both those things were big changes but I think getting Wi-Fi after seven years at home was the biggest step.

My plan was to resume blogging January 1st. The delay was waiting for the keyboard to arrive. The tablet has a touch screen keyboard but it doesn't work (for me) for long paragraphs. So I was waiting for my keyboard. It arrived today and it is awesome! Well, maybe not awesome, it doesn't have actual keys and it is another adjustment. All this means more posts in the future.

Other new things, Christmas was excellent. My parents and sister came to visit. I am looking forward to seeing them in two weeks. We're having an awesome big family trip. Also I became a demonstrator for Stamping Up! in October. For those not into paper crafts it is direct sales like Tupperware for crafters. It has been going well. I am also hoping to sell my homemade cards.

So that is how 2014 started for me. I am looking forward to blogging regularly again and everything else this year holds. And now it is time to sleep. Good night friends!

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