Sunday, April 26, 2015

Best. Birthday. Ever.

I think I say that every year, but it is always true. Looking back, I am surprised how similar today's events were to last year. There was the traditional one minute after midnight call home. Then sleep because tradition number two required being up before the sun. This year sunrise was at 6:14am (two minutes later than last year). It was a overcast day so it is hard to tell but this was sunrise.
The I went home for a nap before church. I am so thankful I made that decision, it helped me get through the rest of the day. I like when my birthday is on Sunday. It was good to worship and the sermon was just what I needed. After it was home again for Duolingo and another mini nap before birthday brunch.

Brunch was French Toast hosted by Aurora. We then has a wonderful afternoon of games. We played the DC Deck-Building, Last Night on Earth (the zombies won), Escape, and Carcassone. There was also an important break for cake.


The third tradition, which started last year, was all-you-can-eat-sushi with 16 friends! I had a blast. Thank you everyone who could make it for the meal. It was awesome. We were there for two hours. I was pleasantly full and finished it off with deep fried ice cream. There was a quick visit at Tim Horton's before babysitting and more games. Jamie and I attempted to defeat the Crisis mode the DC deck-building game. We had to call it a night half way through. Victory will be ours... someday.

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